Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year, New header

What do you think? I'm sure I'll get bored with it soon enough but for now I like the new header. And the fact that my background is white. Makes everything kinda PoP, dontcha think!?

So here we are.
WOW! Am I really gonna be the Big 3-0?
Surely not.
Welp, I'll make it the best year of my life so far!
But what else am I gonna do this year you ask? you did ask right?
  1. I'm gonna be more outdoorsy. I love love love the outdoors and the many wonder it has to offer. There's a whole plethora of stuff that can be done outside. I've always wanted to be that girl. You know the one, hiker/mountain climber/health food lover/regular indie concert goer/yoga instructor/I'mskinnywithoutexcercisingcauseIgetsomuchfromallmyoutdooractivities Girl. Yep, It may take some getting used to but I am kinda on my way there.
  2. I'm gonna further my realtionship with The Big Guy. I think we may have found the perfect church for us. One both Josh and I feel like we are actually getting something from the services. Not one where we just go because that's what you're supposed to do on Sundays and we end up at one neither of us are really into anymore. One day I'd like to work with the youth group. I know how much my leaders were there for me (and still would be today if I called on them) and I want to return the favor.
  3. I'm gonna expand my photography knowledge/business. I know this kinda thing takes time & patience and I'm a pretty patient person. This holiday season went really well for me so I'm gonna continue reading and studying and practicing. I'd also like to dabble more in the graphic desing part. I get really inspired by some of the work that's out there and love sitting at the computer, no idea what to do and it just starts flowing.
  4. I'm gonna eventually learn to sew (had to keep with the whole "I'm gonna" theme). This may take more like 3 or 4 years but, by golly I'm gonna do it eventually!
  5. I'm gonna go back to Bonnaroo. Wether it be with a free pass by working a shift or two at CenterRoo or by a pleasant surprise for my birthday or maybe even by generous anonymous donations no pressure. The girls and I had such an amazing time when we went that it's a MUST I return! I mean it's right down the street for pete's sake!
  6. I'm gonna look H-A-W-T on my 30th. Or at least try really hard to. How? See number 1.

That about sums up the personal goals I have for myself this year. I never set these kinda goals in stone cause, well, the stone usually gets smashed to smithereens. But I'm giving it a go this year. What have I got to loose? I'm gonna be 30 ya'll!



Heather said...

I love your 2010 goals! #1 is so my heart, but I just have a hard time living out my dream! Maybe we could encourage each other...

I'd love to here about your new church! That is also my goal for this new year to become a church grower...

You H-A-W-T and your sweet heart takes your H-A-W-T-N-E-S-S to a whole new level!

Bethany said...

Woops, I was signed in under my sister ;)

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