Monday, January 25, 2010

Did you Know...(not for the queasy of stomach)

That there are rules or, should I say, guidelines for when you get sick?
You know, throw up?
Yeah, me neither.
Well I guess I've just never really thought of it.
I assumed (and we all know what assuming gets ya) that everyone just kinda knows.
I was wrong.
Dead wrong.
Now Big Brutha has never really thrown up before.
That is, until Sunday morning.
At 5 AM.
He is attempting this in a standing position.
Just kinda aiming.
I try to tell him he has to kneel down and hover over the toilet.
He does this for about 5 seconds and then stands back up!
Why ohhh Why!?
"Get down buddy!" I tell him.
He does not heed my warning.
I'm sure I don't have to explain why one must get down
but if I do...
Splash! Everywhere!
Since this is his first experience he's freaking out!
He can't breathe!
So in the midst of him trying to stand and release his dinner
He turns to me.
Dinner is going everywhere.
I can't breathe! I am going to Die!
Tears are forming.
I assure him he will not Die and he needs to
Stay Calm
Get on His Knees
And Hover for Pete's Sake!
He still does not.
I think he was so panicked about the lose of breathe and
the whole incident in general he couldn't comprehend what I was saying.
Needless to say, after said incident was over we had
A Talk
About The Rules.
Never saw that one coming!



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Bethany said...

Oh man! I can not even imagine this incident. I hope he remembers these rules come college!;)

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