Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Day I Learned Alot

Last Sunday was going swimmingly. I was attending my first ever Photography Convention at Opryland Hotel and I was pumped! About mid-way through I noticed I had just missed a call. As a matter of fact, I missed eight calls from a number I didn't recognize.
This can't be good.
While my phone was still in my hand investigating the missed calls it rang again. Same number.
"Lindsay, this is Cory(racking my brains for Cory's that would call me)....Your Cousin.
Michelle passed away this morning."
Michelle is my Aunt Patty's wife.
Or at least, they had a Commitment Ceremony many moons ago.
Honestly, I didn't know Michelle as well in recent years but my heart ached for my Aunt Patty.
She has buried her father, mother, uncle, sister (my mom) and now her wife.
She hasn't even hit the Ripe Ole Age of 50 yet! I pray that she finds some kind of inner peace cause I know exactly what she's thinking right now.
Her family is gone and it sucks! And she's right! But, I'm here. And it's apparent from today's Celebration of Life Service for Michelle that so are ALOT of other people. People who were, in some way or another, touched by Michelle. They loved her dearly. Just because someone's not related to you by blood doesn't mean they can't be your family. Seeing the sea of faces today made me realize,
"Maybe Patty will be ok. Maybe she can be happy again!"
God that is all I want for her.
Being at this service made me think about my own arrangements. Morbid. I know.
But it was the most beautiful, harmonious, full-of-life service I've ever been to that was held because of someone's passing.
We walked in and were greeted by those she knew and loved. It gave a nice peek inside her life. Inside their life. There was a food table that was 4 rectangle tables long. Because, what else do people do when they don't really know what to do but, want to do something? COOK! The musice wafted down the long narrow foyer as we made our way back to see my Aunt.
Not just any music. Live music! The best kind!
Bongo Drums, Harmonicas & Acoustic Guitars paired with soft melodic voices.
The preacher spoke some very appropriate verses and had kind words to say.
Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep.
I am not there. I do not sleep.
Now, I'm sure I've heard this before but it really resonated with me today.
Michelle's Poetry was read and original songs were written and sung just for her.
It was truly beautiful. It was a Celebration. Of course people mourned and cried at times but, people also laughed and ate and drank and shared stories and tapped their foot to the beat of the drum. People enjoyed themselves and the comradery the day brought.
This is what I hope for myself. I don't want people sitting around all mopy when I die. Ok, well a few tears of sadness will be ok but, for the most part, I want my family & friends to enjoy themselves! Revel in the time we had together and the things we learned from each other.
Play music! LIVE music!
Be Merry
Cry when you need to but, don't be afraid to laugh!
I've also come to the conclusion (well almost) that I too want to be cremated. I mean, taking up space here is, well, a waste of space.
Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep.
I am not here. I do not sleep.
My organs should be donated to maybe, possibly (fingers crossed) save someone. Really, they are doing nothing for me anymore! And my ashes should be scattered.
I'm not sure where yet but, hopefully I got a while to think on it.
I won't need the body anymore cause I'm with God and I'll be perfect up there with him!
And so is Michelle.



Staples said...

What a sweet post, thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

I had no idea:(

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for posting bathroom ideas on my blog! It's soooo funny because I actually have a 8 pane window that looks almost like your door. I actually had it in my bathroom wondering if it would work when I read your post. The darn thing is the windows are 13 x12 and the pictures I wanted were going to b 12 x12. I never thought to scrapbook behind them! So t
I'm thinking I'll have to laminate them so they don't warp.

Oh the shower curtain is from none other than Target!!
Love our blog!

Anonymous said...

I just read the post I commented on about my bathroom.. {Sorry! That was a little tacky~!!!!}
Sorry for your loss. My ex-BIL passed away a year ago Feb. and I learned a lot through his death. We weren't close but it's hard to deal with. Yet joyous as people come together to celebrate a life. And of course it's hard to weep when you know they are dancing with Jesus!

Dusty Brown said...

Sorry for your aunt's loss!

P.S. Love the new header!

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