Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have been without a 'puter for about a month now. At least I think it's been a month. My heads kinda swirly and disoriented so i'm not exactly sure how long it's been. it crashed. That's right crashed. He said I got the "blue screen of death". I have nothing backed up because I could never burn a disc on the durn thing. I try to hurry and get in and check my emails on his laptop before he rushes off to work which, lately has been before i take the kids to school. Then he gets home and has to do work on it so i try to slip a little me time on the puter when I can. This has taken a toll on my mental well being. If you know me you know my addiction. I think about it all day...things i could be researching, browsing or learning new skills on. I miss my friend and i mourn our time together. So what have I been doing you ask yourself? Well I sak myself the same thing...wake, get kids ready for school, go to school, do some cleaning, daydream about 'puter, holiday decorating (which really doens't take that much time), play with B, more cleaning, more daydreaming, get kids from school, make dinner...bored! sooooo bored!

Many have pointed out the obvious: He works at Dell and you don't have a 'puter! Haha yes, I see the irony. As a wise woman once said,"It's like the mechanic whose car doesn't run, or the doctor who's sick or the baker who has no flour"...ok i made that one up but, you get my point. Until well who knows.


Bethany said...

Oh so sad :( We still think of you often... Happy Holidays!! I think we need to re-visit the Bunco idea? I need some Fun Girl Time!

Dusty Brown: said...

Would it happen to be an HP that crashed? B/c mine did the same thing and I dang near lost my mind without my laptop. Then we called HP and my model had a known issue, I sent it in around Thanksgiving and they replaceed the motherboard for free.

Otherwise, my advice is to look on Ebay for a Macbook, which you can get a good deal on.

Dusty Brown: said...

PS Or I can come over and let you use my laptop! LOL! Never thought about that a minute ago...But I think you should make a really good case on why Santa should bring you a new Dell if your HP os old or something. I do know that we own three laptops, none older than three years old and none less than $1000 before tax when we got them new. Two are HP's and we've had a nightmare of an experience with the first, and then this recent issue with the second HP. The Macbook never gives us any issues.

The Boerner-Thompson Household said...

Oh how awful no puter for a month! We need to get together!!

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