Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Money Shot

No not that one...This one...
Two little tiny baby teeth!

And it's a good thing I did because this is all
I was getting out of the girl after that!

Here are some random pics to show evidence of all the fall things we've done in previous post. This is Logan's first costume. Yes, he had a wardrobe change. We were trick or treating at The Avenues with The Parkers here...

This is ZAch and Logan and the Harvest Party
where the hayride and roasting of marshmallows took place.

I just really liked this one.
No fallish stuff going on here.

Ummmm I think our punkins nose is in the wrong spot and it has a booger! Josh must not look in the mirror often. Or at people in general for that matter. HA!


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