Thursday, October 2, 2008

The "Video Games & Other Stuff Club"

Logan's bedtime ritual consist of what we call "sleeps". Basically you just lay in bed with him and talk about his day. Well tonights sleep was very interesting. It started this afternoon when he came home with a membership card that his buddy Spencer made him. This officially makes him part of the "Video Games & Other Stuff Club". Here's a rundown of how the club works so far:
1.) Monday is Mario day
2.) Tuesday is dodge ball day
3.) Wednesday is freeze tag day
4.) Thursday is chase girls day but also consists of Bahooki (which apparently means bottom) Ball day. You throw a ball and hit someone in the Bahooki.
5.) Friday is mix up day (I'm assuming this means they can play anything)

I'm sure this is just a starting plan and there will be more rules to come. Spencer is the leader of this club. It only has 4 members so far but Logan is planning on doing some recruitin' tomorrow.

Our sleep doesn't end there! Peyton is also in the club and he is the leader of another organization called Paco. I think Pacos are like a different race or species maybe. Anywho, Pacos walk around in the squatting form, which looks to be very painful. When anyone who's not a Paco comes near someone yells, "PACO INTRUDER!!!!" and all the Pacos scatter! Oh and they even have a Paco Dance. It's very amusing as well. Maybe Logan will demonstrate for you one day.

If you cold just hear the enthusiasm he has in his voice when he's explaining all this to me you'd want to be a part of these clubs too! Who knows, maybe one day I'll get my membership card...fingers crossed!
Ahhhhh to be a kid again!


Bethany said...

Funniest thing I heard all week! My favorite is Bahooki Ball. That's just pure talent!!!

Good stuff Linz ;)

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