Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six Flags

Dell really knows how to show employeee appreciation! They decided to rent out Six Flags in KY for the day to show their employees how much they care. We got discounted tickets and there was a picnic area set up all day with free food and beverages! I really liked Dell this day. Cause, believe me, there were days I wasn't so fond. We traded Brynn for my lil bro Vinny that day and had a blast!

DS's are so much fun and a great distraction for the ride down.

Our first ride of the day was the Himalayas. You all remember this from the traveling carnivals. There's always one there. Obviously this is an action shot and very blurry! Logan did not want to ride this but had a blast once he was on it.

Next, on to the Flying Dutchmen. Who woulda ever thought that a giant dutch shoe that you can sit in and swing round and round would be so fun and relaxing.This is a view of Logan's first roller coaster! Thunder RUN!!!! It was one of those really awesome ole wood coasters that's got lots of hills and twists and turns. Don't worry Mimi, no loops!
I'm really not sure what was going through his little head here but I'm pretty sure he was nervous!

Ben & Jerry's makes it all better! Nuff said.

Vinny was all smiles on every ride and completely fearless! Logan, on the other hand, well he'll get the hang of it.

Vinny wanted to ride with me all day! Thank goodness he was my partner because Logan was having no part of riding with me. It was really cute why Vince said he wanted to ride too:
Vinny: Do you know why I always wanna ride with you?
Me: No! Why?
Vinny: Remember that time at Go USA that we kept beating Josh and Logan in the Go Karts? Yeah, That's why!
Me(in my head): Man I AM Awesome!! hehe

For some reason my car kept going in reverse during this! It made bumper cars very difficult. I just kept ramming into people backwards.

As we bring this session to a close I'd like to mention how much fun we had! The boys were troopers! They had a BLAST in the water park and were able to ride every ride. This is the perfect age for them to go because they are just getting tall enough to ride everything. Hopefully Dell will keep this up every year!


Dusty Brown: said...

Oh!! That sounds like soooo much fun! And good for you to decide to leave the vay-bay at home. Otherwise you would have spent the whole day trading her off to ride anything. (And yes, I am leaving this comment after 4 in the morning!!)

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