Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Football Time in Tennessee!

Yesterday was a Lazy Sunday! It was yucky outside and the wind was crazy! Summer bought Brynn this dress when she was born and we decided to see if it fits yet. Mind you, it's a 12 Month!! Then an impromotu photo session broke out and we made Logan put on his jersey.

This pic is absolutely hilarious and can be used for black mail some day! The girl loves to spit.

I just thought Logan's feet looked soooo big next to hers!

So the Titans ended up winning and all is right in the world. This will have to be a game day tradition now because they are obviously lucky outfits!


Staples said...

So Cute! Where did you get the outfit?

Lindsay said...

Summer bought it for her. I'm sure you can find them just about anywhere.

Bethany said...

Love the raspberries! She looks super cute in her Titans Cheerleader outfit...

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