Sunday, May 25, 2008

Birds and Grills Don't Mix...

What? You may be asking yourself. What do birds and grills have to do with each other? Well, I'll tell ya. This may be a lengthy post cause I got a lot to say about the subject.

It all started last spring when I kept finding long branches and twigs hanging out the side of our grill. "Quit putting branches in the grill!!" I told Logan. He promised me that him and his buddies were Not putting these there. They seemed to be just as confused as I was. Well I determined it had to be a bird trying to build a nest. I cleaned out the mess and bought a grill cover. The grill cover kept blowing off and one day it was just gone.

This spring rolls around and there are the branches. AGAIN!! This stinkin' bird is determined to make a home in my grill. I am very frustrated at this point. So I go out and buy a more expensive grill cover hoping this time it will stay on. I open the grill to clean out the branches and there are 6 EGGS. 6 EGGS people! This is just ludicrous. So it's either gently move the nest and try not to disturb the eggs but this will kill them anyways b/c their parents will abandon them, or start the grill and have scrambled eggs (I kid. I kid. Don't call PETA.) or let those grill stealin you know whats stay there and hatch.

Well we opted for the last option. By this time I am so antsy to have a grill out it's not even funny. This is what we do in the summer. We GRILL!! Anyways, when it appears they are old enough to fly we open the grill and off they go. Josh tells me it will be fine. We'll just pressure wash the grill and everything will be fine.

He finally decides to attempt this about a week later and there are 4 MORE EGGS!! What is this? It's the animal conspiracy I tell ya. They are trying to take us over. (If you listen to Bob and Tom you'll know what I speak of.)

Well, that was it for me and the grill. No pressure washing was gonna get all that crud out for me to be fine eatin off the grill. I had birthday money left and decided to buy a new grill.

Here is what I would find sticking out of the grill:

Here are the first set of hatched birds:

And here is our new grill:



Bethany said...

Nice grill! Where did you get that at? I'm thinking "Father's Day" present!

Dusty Brown: said...

That's really crazy!!!

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