Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Logan!!

I can not believe he is already 7!! OK, I just have to elaborate on this. I had a very hard time when he started Kindergarten. My lil buddy was growing up and he was gonna have outside influences in his life now that I couldn't control. Yeah, I know, it was only kindergarten but, just thinking of the school years to come still makes me tear up. I literally cried for 2 weeks everyday that I had to drop him off at school. One day there was a man walking his, what looked to be, 12 year old son to school and that was it for me!! Logan would be there in 5 Short Years!!! Well, I've been ok since then but it hit me again on his birthday this year. Me and Brynn were watching Josh help Logan practice riding without training wheels and I saw him ride down the street. He got started, took off and stayed steady the whole time!! He was riding with his back to me and I just pictured him in those 5 short years to come riding away. Why is it that when you have children time passes sooooo much faster!! Theses are the times it should really slow down. I'm trying to enjoy all the time I have while these kids are still little. They grow sooo fast!

OK, now I've got that off my chest. Logan is very into anything Mario at the moment so I made him Mario invitations and thankyou cards because there is absolutely nothing out there related to Mario for birthdays! I had to get creative for this one. Here were his Thank You cards which he absolutely looooved!

I also made Mario coloring books for favors.

We had family over for dinner and cake Friday night. Last year I realized attempting to do one big party with family and friends would no longer work. Especially now that he's inviting school friends. We had so much fun just hanging out and playing in the backyard with the kids. Luckily Logan has lots of little cousins to play with. Here are a few pics:

The next day we went to Steve's Fantastic FunZone with friends.

It was a fun-filled weekend!


Bethany said...

How Fun! You guys have the coolest Birthday schedule! BTW, Lookin' good momma...

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