Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Soccer Game and a Girl in Her Dress

Logan started soccer back this past weekend and he improves every season! He's really learning how to follow the ball. He also played goalie for the first time since he was 4! He was on top of his game.

This is the dress that Brynn was supposed to wear for Easter. However, she looked kinda funny in it being a newborn and all. Plus, we end up just laying low this year and didn't go anywhere for her to wear it. I looooove the dress so I had to get pics of it anyways. She's filling it out much better now!

A girls first bow:
Mother & Daughter

She loves it when I give her kisses. Brynn is very sociable. Just talk to her and give her attention and she is usually happy. Just a smilin' and a talkin' right back!!


Bethany said...

OMG! What great pictures. You have such a beautiful family :) Love the dress and the sweet little shoes!

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