Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Truth

Below is a transcript of a conversation I had this morning with Logan before school:

Him: Mom. Poppy told me Santa isn't real.
Me: *heart breaking* What? He didn't say that. Why would he say that!?
Him: Well that's what he told me. You can't help me with my list this year.
Me: OK. Why not?
Him: Because I'm going to see if I get the first thing on my list. Then I'll know if Santa's real or not.
Me: What is it? Heely's?
Him: Nope that's 2nd.
Me: A Wii?
Him: Nope that's 3rd.
Me: You want Heely's more than you want a Wii? *assuming that the thing he wants most will be first.
Him: No mom! There not in order! I'm just gonna make a list.
Me: Ummmm ok.
WOW! He's good. He's going to make a secret list of things he wants. This list will be in no certain order & will be kept hidden from the parents. This is his master plan. To find out The Truth.
After he'd left for school I texted the FIL.
Me: Did you tell Logan that Santa wasn't real? *I'm a bit frustrated. This is something I felt Josh & I should handle. You know...kinda like the Birds & The Bees talk.*
Him: He said he thinks he knows where the presents come from (smart kid). Asked me if it was so. I said it's ok to believe Santa Claus is real in our imagination. Best way I knew to tell the truth. Hope you're not mad.
Me: *this man is one of the most faithful I know. He didn't want to lie which is understandable. I mean, he IS a preacher after all.* I'm not mad I'm just not ready.
Him: Sorry. Wish he had not figured it out.

Then I went on to cook lunch for Brynn & I. The tears came. The sadness of a little boy growing up too fast consumed me. I knew it was coming. He had lots of questions last year. I just wanted to hold on another year or two. Does this mean the magic of Christmas will be lost for him? How do we broach this subject? Will he shed tears? I want to make it more about The True Meaning of Christmas for him now. The miracle of the birth of Jesus. The REAL Reason for the Season. Maybe I should go on and tell Brynn The Truth now and save us all the agony later.

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