Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Farm Day

Last weekend we headed down the street with the kiddos to the
2nd Annual Agricultural Day.
It was going to have farm animals, hay rides, activities and it was
I heart FREE.
We learned where our food comes from,
about composting & recycling &
what happens when our waters get polluted.
They had a huge Farm Animal Petting Zoo.
I decided to pass the camera off to The Hubs for the day.
Just to see what he would capture.
It was hard to let go & by the looks of things, I think I'll be holding onto it from now on.
This is Brynn & Smokey the Bear.
She LOVED the dressed up characters and hugged them
and gave them high fives like it was going out of style.
BUT, this is what he got. *sigh*

Now if you know my husband, you know is picture taking problems.
There's either always an eye closed, both eyes closed, a strange face or
he's just plain not looking.
I swear it's harder to get a picture of HIM than it is of the kids!
Please tell me this isn't an inherited trait.
Yes, that's a pet chicken and B loved him.
She loved him so much she almost squeezed the love right out of him.

Here's some shots of Logan on the hayride.
I'm not sure if Josh was even looking in the view finder for these.
I mean Logan's barely in the shot!
Poor guy. At least he was trying.

One reason I wanted to hand the camera off was so I could
actually be in some pics too.
I'm always behind the camera and I want them to know I was always there with them!
Even though Josh didn't get the BEST shots during the day,
he did get this one.
I actually really love it!
That's rare for me to say about a picture of myself.
We had a great time.
Just the Four of Us.
Who knows...
Maybe I'll hand the camera off again one day.


Katie said...

Well I think it was worth all the crappy shots he took... to that one GREAT of you and Brynn!

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