Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Year Older~Another Grade Higher

Everyone says, "Fourth Grade is when it starts getting tough!"
More homework, more responsibility, more, more more!
Well, so far, they're right!
But before we get back to school we had a
Back To School Bash!
Lots of Kids
Lots of Water=
Lots of FUN!!!

NOW Back to School...
Getting back into the swing of things was not really something anyone was looking forward to. Gone are the glorious lazy days of summer. Waking up late, staying up even later.
This summer was a far cry from last summer when school couldn't get here fast enough. I think it's because Bynn's older and her and Logan actually PLAYED together.
We sure have enjoyed ourselves this summer, even if we didn't go on vacation. It's evident from the pics below that no one was ready for summer to end.

BUT, we made it.

And with this year, as I said earlier, comes more responsibility.
This is the year he gets his laptop.
Yep, his very own MAC(blasphemy in our house) to use until 6th grade!
You see, the hubs works at Dell and has for some time now!
The mere mention of us getting a MAC (I would LOVE to have one) has caused huffs and puffs that could blow a house down!
But, it's coming.
I hope we don't burst into flames when it comes through the doors.
And now I'm being asked to set up a kid friendly email account (that I monitor of course).
He will be able to communicate with his teacher this way, teaches him email etiquette and basically how to use this popular form of communication.
So much responsibility for such a little guy!!
I mean, isn't 9 just like a big toddler!?
I digress...
He is definitely entertaining at this age.
And it's pretty fun to carry on a conversation with him 'cause we kinda have the same sense of humor. Yes, I have the sense of humor of a 9 year old boy and I'm proud of it!

Welcome To Fourth Grade Buddy!!
can't wait to play on your mac.


Ann said...

I absolutely cannot believe that they give the kids laptops. I am pretty sure the entire school shared one computer until I was like 16.

Our kids are going to be so much smarter than us!

Lindsay said...

I don't think it's all schools that give out the laptops.

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