Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go Figure...

I first heard of them at work.
Girls of all ages were in search.
Even girls in highschool!
You could tell as soon as they came in the door what they were after.
They stormed in. An air of hysteria about them.
Panicked even.
Marched striaght back to the counter bypassing all the
Justin Beiber
New Moon
& Zhu Zhu Pet
A crazed look appeared in their eyes at the sound of the word.
"No, I'm sorry! We've been out for a few weeks now."
A slightly muffled maniacal laugh would escape their lips
as they slowly backed away from the counter.
Still in search.
The silly, stretchy, made-of-plastic bandz that will surely make their life better!
I wondered to myself if Logan would like these.
Nah, they're bracelets! They're probably just for girls!
The first week of February he comes in the house.
I know that look.
I've seen that look before.
Air of Hysteria
Crazed Eyes
"MOM! I need SILLY BANDZ!!!"
"They're cool and stretchy and shaped like things and Evan has like 30 something and Joseph has like 60 something.
Go to Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, CVS or maybe Walgreens.
They have them.
I need them!"
I heard the slightly muffled maniacal laugh start.
Every day the same look, same questions, same laugh.
I had, in fact, found them but was saving them for Valentine's Day. Oh it seemed like so far away! I considered giving them to him early to ease the pain but thought the surprise would be better. Surprises always are.
So I waited and he panicked.
He was BEYOND thrilled when he got them.
Well, as thrilled as Logan ever looks.
Eyes light up and a small crooked half smile forms.
I know it's thrilled.
He wears them with pride.
Patiently awaiting the day he can go back to school and begin his trading.
The morning finally arrives and he's postioned them up his arm.
He turns to me and says,
"They're probably not even cool anymore.
They've been around for a while."

p.s. he was wrong. they are still way cool and have just been banned at his school.



Bethany said...

Oh Man, I just knew you were talkin' about silly bandz! The good stuff always gets banned :(

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