Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The True Meaning

Tonight I ran to Wal-Mart...kiddos in tow. We had to grab some M&M's for Logan's class party this week. It was blistering cold and the wind was whipping in all directions. Not to mention I parked in the LAST spot in the BACK of Wal-Mart parking lot. I wanted to hurry in and hurry out as fast as possible. Wal-Mart, a week and a half before Christmas, is not where I want to be. However, a very important lesson was learned from this trip and a very important lesson was remembered.

As we were walking in a large, Santa-like man was ringing the Salvation Army bell.
"What's he ringin that bell for?" Logan asked.
"He's collecting money for people that don't have any. Maybe it will buy them some coats or a hot meal for the winter."

We rush in, grab what we need and head out. I start digging around for change so Logan can put it in the SA bucket. A few other people had started dropping change in as well. He puts the money in and gets a BIG grin from the Santa-like man who then thanks him whole-heartedly for his contribution.

As I'm walking the mile back to my car, my 2 beautiful healthy kids in tow, Logan says quietly, "Mom, when we went in the store I was feeling pretty bad but, now I'm feeling good!"
"Oh yeah? Why is that buddy?"
"Cause no one was putting money in that mans bucket and I felt bad for not giving any. But then we did and other people were too!"
So basically Logan just realized the true meaning of Christmas. On his own. With no prompting from me. In that short, fast trip to Wal-Mart, that I just wanted to get through and get home as fast as possible, he experienced one of the most important things he'll ever experience. The reason for the Season.
And me? Well I was reminded of just how much I have to be thankful for. Yes, I had to park in the very back of Wal-Mart but, I could park. Because I do have a car. And yes, it was a mile hike to the door with kids in freezing cold but, we walked. Because we are healthy enough too. No, I didn't want to go to Wal-Mart to buy M&M's but we did and we bought because we do have money (albeit not much). And the kids? They were with me. Two clothed, fed, happy kids were with me.



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