Friday, February 27, 2009

A Lesson on Courage

Logan blurts out the other day that he has FOUR girlfriends! I'm a bit taken back because he hasn't really talked about girls lately. He then proceeds to tell me that he will not tell me who they are. The next day he informs me that there are only 2 girls in his life now and one is a first grader in our neighbors class. He obviously can't contain his excitement any longer and tells me her name is Kirsten. Oh, Ok, that's nice buddy! That night for sleeps (talks before bed) and the following 2 nights after that alllllll he wants me to ask him about/talk about is this Kirsten.

On to yesterday, we were getting ready to go to Cub Scouts and we have to talk about how to be brave/courageous and different situations that pertain to it. The FIRST thing he says is, "Well I'll have to be brave Monday (this is when they'll see each other in the car rider line) when I talk to Kirsten for the first time." Yes, you will buddy! Good answer I thought. "What am I gonna wear? I know, Make sure my jeans are clean and I'll wear them with my new favorits striped shrit and a white shirt underneath." Ok, how cute is that! He's already trying to look presentable for the ladies! I can tell that these kinds of thoughts have been running through his mind all day...what to wear, what to say, how to act, what will she say back...I'm just not sure I'M ready for this stuff. It does take me back though. Ahhh the days of puppy love. When everything was just hunky-dory...not a care in the world except what if he/she doesn't like you back.

So basically all day for the past few days I've been getting snipets of conversations about Kirsten. How she is supposedly gonna scream when Helen Grace tells her Logan likes her, how she was RIGHT behind him in the lunch line yesterday and he could tell she was nervous and even how his buddies told him to wave to her...hand up by face with fingers waving and a sweet little grin on. But the funniest part came last night on the way to Cub Scouts.

"Mom, I know how to MAKE someone fall in love with me."
"Oh, yeah? How's that buddy?"
"You just have to stare at them like this (an unblinking/expressionless look is on his face) and then they're hypnotized."
"OH! What about someones personality? Like being funny or kind to others?"
"Nope! you have to hypnotize them."
"So your dad has me hypnotized?"
"Yep! But the other way to make someone love you is by giving them things. Like shells. Kirsten collects shells and I don't really collect them anymore. I just collect coins now so I think I'll give her some shells."

So basically, our son is planning on talking to the girl first, has a CLEAN outfit picked out to make sure he's stylin' and is bringing her a GIFT!! What a little gentleman!

And that, my friends, is a lesson on Courage


Dusty Brown said...

This is so precious! My goodness, they grow up soooo fast!!

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