Thursday, August 7, 2008


Brynn Finally rolled over 2 days ago! Man, I thought this child was gonna be stationary forever! She was so excited about her new skill she decided to practice it at night as well. I went in at 3 AM to feed her and she had completely busted out of her swaddle, had rolled out of her sleep positioner and was on her tummy in the corner of her crib. Crazy kid! We're working on getting rid of the swaddle and I'm thinking the positioner may be pointless now as well.


Bethany said...

Way to Go...Brynn! You will be all over the place now. When Ella made the roll, the positioner was out the window! In fact she only sleeps on the belly now...Did you freak out when you found Brynn in the corner? I remember one time walking into her room and not being able to see her in the crib and thinking "Someone took My child!" when really she was just pushed up against the rails! They are so silly!!!

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